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Nigel J Pearcey

About the author and PMP

After working in many different industries I began looking at Multi Level Marketing for a living.

I wanted a credible and viable business model and I found it, A business that is both legal and ethical  which took me to a level I had not seen before.

I have to say at this point it took hard work and dedication to get things in MLM working for me and mainly it was down to mind set that I had to get right in my head before I could make it work and that is the whole crux of the matter for most people getting into this business.

I promote mainly via my main website at https://www.njpbusiness.com  and also at my personal site located at https://www.nigelpearcey.com 

So you might ask what is this site for?

Yes I could have written this into any of my websites but I wanted to reach a UK audience using a UK domain hence the .co.uk instead of being a .com because in the main British people are a little stand off when it comes to MLM and treat it like a bad word whereas USA and beyond see it as normal practice for working online.

I explain much of this on the home page of this website so that it gets attention of anyone coming to this website and I high light the fact that Multi Level Marketing is a normal and widely used platform and all you really need to know is that what you are selling is legal and ethical as well as being at the right price, if all that is in order then you can concentrate on and have confidence in what you are selling.

These days I only promote for one company and you will see varying products related to it all around my websites so I hope that you enjoy your visit and even profit from it which you can do if you join via any of my links.