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The real and honest power of pyramid

I have noticed that especially here in the UK the word pyramid or multi-level marketing get a rough reaction and it is mostly from people who are ignorant of what it actually means or even less knowledgeable about how and why it works.
Basically it is a leverage for any company to have employees that are not directly employed by the company and it enables people with the right mind set to be able to create a decent income.
It makes real common sense for a company to delegate all advertising and selling to others and instead of paying huge store costs of employees, building costs and up keep of high street shops they pay commission on all items and also additional commissions in some cases for referral to others to do the same and this expand sales without up front cost to the company.

You will often see comments from ignorant or failed people saying it is a scam or it’s all about making money for the company owner, or it’s just another get rich scheme and many other similar comments, But in reality it is just business owners finding a way to sell their products over a wide and varied network of people and often paying very good commission rates to all of it’s affiliates doing the selling and referring.

Yes there are lot’s of people getting rich doing it if they work at it properly and have the correct mind set to build a business and even selling and promoting for more than one company at the same time, and to those people I take my hat off and say well done you because you are getting off your back side and building yourself and your family a great income and future.

Right from the word go it causes controversy because most people do not understand the concept of MLM or even realise that once you begin you really are your own boss of your own business and you really need to change your mind set from being an employee to being an employer otherwise you are going to lose money hands down in anything you attempt to do in business or even your life.

I run a very successful MLM business but I would never lay out good money on a bunch of products in hope of selling them , Instead I run MLM using the actual products they sell because each one I buy helps me to promote online so you can tell from that statement I promote digital and physical products but I only buy items that help me get more money, “if that makes sense?”.

OK so here in essence is my rule of thumb, I do not buy anything I do not use or need, I get paid whether I am on a month vacation or I am at home, I can work in my PJ’s if I want to and my life is pretty much my own to do as I like with the permission of my wife lol, and I NEVER try to sell anything to my friends and family.
I will show you a link to my business if you are interested at the bottom of this page or on other pages in my website here but first I want to show you the sort of legal MLM that I would “never” entertain because it is too much work and involves too much running around but having said that I know many make a success of them if they have the correct mind set.

So below here is the usual MLM practice:
MLMs may require a start-up fee, the earnings could based on commission or you wouldn’t strictly be ‘working from home’ in the sense that you won’t sit on the sofa in your PJs the whole time, you may be required to host parties or deliver catalogues for instance. All these positions offer flexible hours and days. You also get full training.
Here is a list of Legitimate UK Based MLM Companies

Ann Summers
You get a basic kit worth £500 and pay £3.50 per week rental for 32 weeks or until you have made payments to Ann Summers of £1200. Parcels are delivered free. A discount of 23% on everything you sell at a party. E.g.…£100 of sales at a party earns you £23 for approximately two hours’ work. A discount of 30% on anything you purchase. Flexible hours and days. Hostess gifts offered to party organisers at special prices. Company competitions and recognition is given for achievements and limited paperwork.

#2 Kleeneze
Deliver catalogues in your local area and receive a percentage of any goods you sell. There is a start-up cost to buy catalogues. You must also collect catalogues and deliver the items to the customers. If you build a team of people you will receive an increased percentage. Regular incentives for increasing sales and teams.

#3 Avon

You pay a small start-up fee and are given a credit limit. Your first order comes on credit, allowing you to deliver the products and collect the money. When you place your 2nd order, you then pay for the 1st, and it continues on like that. Your earnings for the first 2 months are 50% on most items, after that they can vary from 20% – 50%. There are no quotas or minimum orders. If you don’t place an order for 6 weeks, your account will be inactivated.
#4 FM cosmetics

You need to purchase a start-up kit; they start from £11.50. Like all Direct Sales, it depends what you put into what you get out. You choose your own days and hours and earn up to 33% of sales.

#5 Herbalife

This position is for an Independent Distributor to sell the Herbalife diet. The only outlay is a distributor kit which is approx. £30. You are not required to buy any stock to sell.

#6 Utility warehouse

Getting homes and small businesses to switch providers for its range of utility services – gas, electricity, broadband, and home and mobile phone. Pay includes bonuses for each new customer you sign up, a passive income of up to around 6% on every call one of your customers makes on their mobile and share of everything your customers spend on their utility bills every month. Joining fee is £100.

#7 Forever living

You earn 30% customer sales when they have paid for their goods, and an extra 5% via a monthly bonus payment. (word has it the products are quite expensive and can be hard to sell)

#8 Phoenix Trading

There’s a £30 start-up cost for your pack and you earn 30% commission on your customer sales. You’re selling greeting cards, wrapping paper and stationery.

#9 Usbourne

Selling children’s books, you earn 24% basic commission and there’s a £38 start-up fee.

#10 Partylite

There’s no cash investment! Party Lite provides you with a starter kit worth £300, which includes candle holders, candles, stationery, brochures, and a very useful guide. On achieving sales of £300 you have cleared your starter kit. You earn 20% commission sales, on a weekly basis and when sales exceed £1200 in a calendar month, you receive an additional 5% bonus.

So, as you can see above that is the top ten choices of MLM in the UK and although I live and work in the UK I do not and would never entertain working with any of the above because firstly for me it is too much effort and planning with hands on activity.
Instead of all that I did a great deal of research on this subject and found a company where I can work as an affiliate from home by just advertising and promoting the products and services they have on offer to a global community using the Internet only.

Even more than this I researched the company itself because I wanted to be Shure it had a solid and reliable background and that it was legal and ethical in all parts of the world.
I can tell you the company I promote for has been in existence for over 25 years with a proven track record in all of that time, It is also a multimillion dollar company solely owned and operated by one family and has no shareholders.
They own their own buildings and network servers delivering over 40000000 emails daily.
They produce and deliver website hosting, conference rooms, auto responders, website builders, landing page builders, health and fitness training video’s, health and fitness supplements, and a whole lot more not listed here.
They provide around the clock live help and support to everyone and they pay really fantastic commission rates and pay you through a 2 by 2 binary matrix so given that most products are via a monthly subscription meaning that your commissions repeat to you every month.

Even though products are sold on a month to month basis they actually pay out weekly direct to your bank account four weeks in arrears and I really look forwards to seeing my income arrive in my account every Friday afternoon.
Your commission rates will depend upon your level of participation and also how many products and referrals you sell.
You can signup free and decide where you want to begin by looking at your options in your state of the arts back office.
You can probably see from this that I love this business and highly recommend this to anyone if you want to build a real income from the comfort of your own home using your computer, your lap top, your phone or your iPad.